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Interstate move--How do I figure out which mover to pick? What resources are there to determine if the company is a good one?

Harriet Vane

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Dh's company will pay for our upcoming move to Ohio. They gave us a list of companies that they will work with. I have called all of them, and for the most part, they all seem the same to me. I care about getting my possessions delivered, intact, in a timely way, and I care about the schedule.


How can I find out if these companies are trustworthy? Or do I assume that if dh's employer likes them, they should be fine???


Andrews United Moving and Storage

Budd Van Lines

Guardian Relocation of Ohio (an Atlas company)

Planes United

VIP Movers


Another weird nuance--I called all the companies on this list, in the order listed. The woman at Planes United said that since I already spoke with Andrews (also a United company) that she couldn't bid against them because they are both United companies. I replied that I am just concerned with finding a mover who can accommodate my schedule. I suggested that if the two companies are using the same rubric, they can both extend the same price/estimate but that I could pick the company whose scheduling worked for me. I also made it clear that I was contacting five companies. She readily agreed and asked me thousands of questions over the next half hour about our stuff. I then received an email from her this morning saying it would not be "morally right" for her to provide an estimate because I already spoke with Andrews?? I am confused by this. Did I overstep? I saw this as just the same as talking to two mechanics from JiffyLube. Both are franchises owned individually, but are accountable to the overarching corporation. I can talk to either mechanic and decide where to go. It would be ludicrous to me for one mechanic to say that I am essentially stuck with the first mechanic I spoke with. Is there something I am missing here? It doesn't matter much--it was weird enough that I have pretty much decided I don't want to deal with Planes. However, I am sincerely curious to know if I did something unethical without realizing it.


Bottom line--how do I pick a moving company???

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Try Clark Howard's website for some tips.


In some state-to-state moves, you have to be particularly aware of some companies that might try to "hijack" your possessions for a large ransom. This happened to a recent caller, who was asked to pay $50,000 to get his household goods back. All the more reason to assure you're working with a reputable firm.


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