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Rightstart math games package

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My 7 yr. old would prefer to have her teeth pulled out (without painkiller ) rather than practice her math facts :scared: . Math is not my strong suit, but I have tried everything I can think of to make this a positive experience for her (songs, wrap-ups, file folder activities, races, lots of praise, short practice sessions etc.), I am out of ideas. I recently listened to a lecture from a Rightstart rep. discussing using games for math practice. I used some of the game ideas they recommended and BINGO..... happy child, completed lessons, actual progress :hurray: .


So, I am thinking about buying the whole math games package (I want to stick with our current curriculum though). It is $60. Money has been tight recently, so while we can buy it I want to make sure it is worth it first. Has anyone used it? Are the games simple and helpful? Would it be just as easy to put together some games from internet resources for free, or is the quality of these games worth it?


Thanks for the help :bigear:

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I got it on sale and it was definitely worth the cost then. It will resell well, if you can take that into account. And our favorite, which is Corners, is not something you could easily make yourself, though obviously many of the games, like Going to the Dump, can be played with a regular card deck with some small modifications, and others could be homemade, but the effort would be big. If you can swing it, I'd try to get them.

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This makes me feel so much more confident.


Now if you ladies would just talk to my husband and explain why I need to spend $60 + on games :svengo: .


Just kidding, he is a good sport, he will be excited to wake up to something other than the screeching sound of a 7 year old whining about flash cards :thumbup: .

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