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alternatives to the musical Hairspray

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My ds's class of 5/6 kids is watching the musical Hairspray as it fits into the study of music curriculum of studyinig the music of the 1960 such as rhythm and blues and motown and tyingin the social justice themes of this time period. honestly, I don't have time to watch the movie, I watch the trailers, read the review on pluggedin, I'm not impressed. Not for 5th and 6th graders. Maybe for 9th graders. but the sexual inuendo seemed a bit much on the trailers so we are having our ds pulled from the movie.


does anyone have any suggestions of an alternative movie from addressing music and social justice themes from that time period that we could have him watch instead? I don't know what the music teacher will have him do as an alternative but if we suggest something to her, she is pretty open to our suggestions. I'm just not a big movie buff.



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Godspell has sort of a late 60s vibe. I think it opened in the early 70s. I can't recall if it had any R&B or motown.


Hair? I've never seen the movie, which I assume has nudity and drugs, but no clue how much.



No R&B or anything resembling Motown in Godspell.

And Hair is definitely for the older crowd. Very anti war. Play is very different than movie. Both have good points, but definitely high school age...or older :)


What about some of The Smothers Brothers tv show...should be available on disc from Netflix. Definitely about social justice of days and does have the music!


Most of the stuff I'm thinking of initially is sex and drugs....that's the 60s some :)

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I'm no help. My kids have had the soundtrack to Hairspray memorized since the newer version was released. I hope you find something you feel is more suitable. Now I have "Welcome to the 60's," and "Good Morning, Baltimore" stuck in my head. :)

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