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We live with three elderly relatives who are in their 80s and 90s. So far, only one fall and it was due to a seizure.


My kids know to call 911 straight away, and in your DD's case it'd be important to also know grandma's address. It'd be great if she could memorize it and better if she'd do that plus also make sure it was posted in 1-2 places around your mom's house.


My kids also take First Aid training through the Red Cross. They offer a variety of youth programs, but even a basic Babysitter's Course might give your DD some basic information and confidence to handle grandma falling and getting hurt. Let them know she's learning it for an older person, so they can educate her on how to modify procedures for use on the elderly.


I'm required by work to be certified, and I've always kept a laminated flow chart on my work badge. I took that idea home by laminating copies for my kids, too, shrinking it down to wallet size. Because we live with old people, I also have a chart posted by the main phone in the kitchen, and also in each bathroom. The few times I've had to use my training at work, I didn't need to reference my cheater sheet .. but knowing it was there proved a great comfort for whatever reason. I figure same holds for my kids! Perhaps you could post one for your daughter, too; a google search will bring up tons to choose from.


Related to that, she should bring her own first aid kit. I'd buy two, one to use and practice with you at home and the second to use if necessary. Familiarity will be key. We keep a monster kit in the kitchen, with smaller kits in each bathroom. If she brings her own, she'll know right where it is if it's needed - no time wasted. She might leave it by the phone so she can grab it while calling 911 - her call. She might want to put together a kit that includes a towel, small bottle of water, first aid kit, ... anything else she can think of.


Or all of this might give her anxiety LOL. In which case you ixnay the trip. OR you play it off as you being a worrywart and wanting her to be overprepared. Or you might prepare her as part of a school exercise, not letting her know that it's to prepare her to care for grandma -- first aid and babysitting skills are good to have in general, so is knowing one's way around a first aid kit. You can add the 911/address and personal first aid kid for later, if the trip ends up happening. It won't seem like such overkill if spread out like that!

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