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Clothesline - How far apart are your lines?


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My BIL built me a clothesline a number of years ago. When we first put it in there were only three of us and we had ample line space. Now that we're a family of five and the kids are bigger, I'm running out of line. Right now I have four fairly widely spaced lines (maybe a foot between them).


Because of the way the crossbar is attached to the post, I don't think an add another line in the middle, but I could probably add at least another two lines in the middle of the existing lines on each side of the crossbar. I'm wondering, though, if that will be too close together. I've tried searching online, but most resources talk about how far apart to put the posts...and that was already decided a long time ago. :0)


So, how far apart are your lines?

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The narrowest I have used were about 20cm/8" between the lines. It is useful for drip dry as we can hang out more towels. However it does take longer as there is less gap for the wind to circulate. Is your clothesline indoors or outdoors? My outdoors one could have a closer gap and be dry on a hot sunny day. My indoors one had to be spaced wider unless I don't mind them taking longer to dry out.

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