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Phonics Reading help please


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We started out behind. I was a newby and made some mistakes, not unfixable thank the Lord. My two sons are 8 1/2 & 9 1/2 and we are really wanting to strengthen their reading. We have been doing school year round but are putting a big SLOW DOWN in our schedule to "work on" reading. We have done PAL reading (and part of writing) and liked it. They seem to of caught on to most of it. They are also doing explode the code and it works okay too. We also do AAS 1 and they catch on to all of the rules quickly. So here is my BIG question :) We will spend lots of time reading this summer but is there some kind of phonics flashcards or quick rule lists for phonics that you would recommend? Or even an easy phonics book to go over rules? They have a good handful of them down but I would like more work on them. I do know it helps because the ones they remember from PAL help when we get to words they are having trouble on. I spose I too would like something to reference so that I can help them when they get to those tougher words. But I would like something to make phonics VERY CLEAR (simple) is my biggest question?

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