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Wrong Google Voice Messages

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I came home tonight to a mess of Google Voices messages in my g-mail. Since I didn't know that I even had Google Voice, this was a bit of a surprise. It was even more of a surprise when I find a woman yelling at a man named David for not fixing her computer. The last message was an apology for her behavior. So . . . can I just hit reply in g-mail to reply to these? And other than just saying "You have a wrong number." should I say anything? I"m a bit ticked on David's behalf!!

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If it's any consolation, all of the calls we've had to our Google Voice number (and I do mean all of them!), were from people who needed to be bailed out of jail. Unfortunately, our Google Voice calls were all routed through our home phone number, and all of jailbird "friends" called in the middle of the night. We took care of that pretty quickly!

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