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sources for free SAT prep materials, study prep plans

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Do you have favorite materials you downloaded online (flashcards, worksheets, test taking strategies)


I plan to buy some review books too, but I wanted to know what stuff that's free (there's quite a bit) you've found most helpful.


Also, what sort of schedule did you set up to help your dc prepare.



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I'm organizing a class of sorts this summer for my current 10th grader with a couple of his friends. I am in no way an expert. But I got the hair-brained idea that this ds would be much more motivated to study if some of a couple of his good friends were doing it with him. We have a mix of girls and guys and a mix of strengths/weaknesses. I hope to know much more about SAT prep by August, but in the meantime, this is what we're doing.

  • Taking several real PSATs/SATs throughout the summer. We'll start with the PSAT, but we're really shooting at the SAT and will work up to several SATs with simulated test-like conditions.
  • study the stew out of the test results. Identify the strengths and weaknesses, work every single missed math problem
  • work steadily through lots and lots of questions in the Blue Book.
  • do the SAT question of the day (app or e-mailed).
  • talk about and employ test strategies such as there are.
  • beef up vocabulary. Keep dictionary.com open to look up words as the student works through practice questions, make a vocab card, periodically review these. I may have ds supplement with an additional vocabulary book.
  • The SAT prep thread on College Confidential (especially the stickies) have been very helpful in planning our SAT study. Working through the Blue Book is consistently the number one recommendation.



I just re-read and see that are looking for free stuff. Some of the above is free; in fact you can probably get the Blue Book from your library. Here is a full on-line test from College Board. And this CC thread has pdf links for 3 released exams. There are lots and lots of free "SAT" vocabulary lists, but for now we are working through actual tests to get words and will supplement after we know those. Of course, Khan Academy has worked out answers to every math problem on the 1st edition of the Blue Book.

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