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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

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I actually got a full night's sleep for the first time in about a week. Let's tackle this day, shall we! Woo hoo!


Clean kitchen



School specials -

We get to watch Errol Flynn for the finish of dd's Robin Hood unit

L.A. with dd


Call high school AGAIN re. PSAT. They aren't exactly falling over themselves in an effort to be helpful.


Ds - work on berm of dirt outside.


Vacuum the living/dining room


Swim lesson

Feldenkrais exercises



More if I think of anything.

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Big day for us!


Meet Social worker for adoption (1 of 2 required meetings)

Do school (at a park? At starbucks? We need a break from routine.)

Call new violin teachers

Catch up on work stuff: put in one solid uninterrupted 90 minute session (movie day for boys?)


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Me, me, me!


I'm still trying to catch up after being focused on other things last week and over the weekend. I need to call in an order at the meat market and go pick it up (20 minute drive each way) and get math done with DS. Those are my minimums. I'd also like to do some cleaning and laundry.


So far, I've managed to...


Shower and dress

Make my bed

Put away a load of laundry

Start a load of laundry

Wash about half a load of dishes

Cook and eat breakfast

Start on creating a document I've been meaning to create

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Wish I'd had a good night's sleep! James Bond kept waking me up to tell me he couldn't sleep. Well, I could! I slept too late to exercise before I got the rest of my day going.


Tuesday was semi-tackled, I guess.





Emptied and reloaded dw

Vacuumed rugs in LR and DR


1 load of laundry


Swept kitchen


Post Office (blech)

MORE freaking car paperwork!

Nap (because I didn't sleep last night!)

Watched Stargate Atlantis with James Bond while Han Solo napped



I'm done for the day. I'd better get some sleep tonight, or I'm smacking someone

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Noonish report: Watched Erroll Flynn swashbuckle his way around the forest. Talked about the Normans, the Saxons, and King Richard the Lionhearted. Now I have a strange desire to check out the movie "Men in Tights" just for a laugh.


Read a couple of chapters of "Woe Is I Junior" with dd for Language arts.


Now I need to clean the kitchen before messing it up again for lunch.

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I got my biggest task of the day done: rearranging the garage so our new (to us) Dodge Durango will fit inside comfortably. I also managed to sort it so that I can find my things and all the camping gear without having to move around BIL's and DH's stuff. I also had breakfast with a friend after we did the rounds of schools/child care to drop all our children off.


I still need to:


Gas up the Durango and buy a new car seat (there's an awesome deal at Costco right now I'm going to take advantage of), and do some Costco grocery shopping. I need to pick DW#2 up from work at 4:30, then pick DS up from his center (any time after three for that, really).

Look over DD's math from yesterday

Put in an appearance at my local SCA group's meeting, now that I have transportation to get to it! (I'm an officer, so showing up now and then really is prudent). There might even be a project for me to participate in. I think they were making banners--I need to see if I have fabric in my fabric bin I can use for the purpose.

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I know a meat truck that delivers! :leaving:



Nah, I'll pass. I came home with 70 pounds of meat, a variety of beef, pork, and cut up fryers, free of antibiotics and hormones, for $3.21 per pound.


I also stopped by a nursery on the way home and picked up a tomato plant and a praying mantis egg sac. I've been meaning to get some praying mantises to raise for fun ("school") but never got around to it. The nursery had them right next to the cash register so I couldn't resist.


Got home, put the meat in the freezer in an ORGANIZED manner (completely opposite how my kids do it). Now I'm blowing the millions of fir needles and fir pollen cones off my driveway. I'm going to plant my veggie garden when I'm done.

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I have been totally irresponsible and have blown off most of the afternoon.


I did teach math.

And I called the local p.s. yet again to try unsuccessfully to get information on the PSAT. I am starting to get rather peeved with them.


Then I have sat in my armchair and read the Felix Francis mystery I picked up at the library yesterday.


I need to figure out dinner.

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Two hours later....


It was kind of stormy off and on the last two days and it poured water, needles, and pollen cones. It was a mess out there. So, I used the blower to clear the walkway and driveway. Then, since it is so nice outside, I ended up blowing the driveways of three other neighbors and the whole street. Our favorite neighbor came out and blew his roof and driveway, two other neighbors' driveways, and helped clear the street. He then sent is his son up onto my roof to blow it clean. I called DS11 out to mow the lawn. And then I filled our 90 gallon lawn bin the rest of the way up by raking more fir needles, fir cones, and twigs and branches. Everything is nice and clean.


I'm taking a break and then I'll go plant my garden.


I have DD13 making two loaves of chocolate chip banana bread now: one for us and one for our neighbor.

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Two more hours later...


Garden now mostly planted. I ran out of green beans.


DD13 finished the banana bread, and I took one of the loaves over to the neighbor who gave me a taste of the red curry noodles he made for dinner (he's been telling me about it) and gave me a sample to bring back to DD13 and DH. He's going to teach me how to make it next week.


DS11 made the fish sticks and tator tots the kids wanted for dinner.

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