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Summer Handwriting Program Suggestions please

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My soon to be 4th grader had a brief introduction to handwriting in second grade and has not worked on it at all this year. From what I gather he has to pick it up on his own now. I would like to get this done over the summer. Do any of you know a curriculum that is basic, quick and easy for a student to follow without a lot of parental guidance? (Asking for the moon, the stars and a little extra, I know.)


I have reviewed several of the comments regarding handwriting curriculums...my concern is that I want more of a cliff notes approach rather than a full year curriculum. There is little chance he will be motivated enough to do a 9 month curriculum in 2 months---it is not feasible for us. Yes, he will build on what he learns over the summer next year but he really needs the basics. I am thinking mostly the lower case letters and their connectors would be a great place to start.


Anyone have suggestions?


Also, I welcome comments on whether your districts are doing handwriting programs or not. It seems as though most people here think it has become close to obsolete. Have any of you noticed whether it impacts the student's long term writing capabilities (as in essays)?


Thanks for your advice.

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