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Bachelor Party ideas - with minors

Miss Marple

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My sons are all groomsmen in a friend's wedding coming up in June. This friend was my oldest son's roommate at college all 4 years. He is an only child and he spent a lot of time with us during the years. He came to feel that my sons were his brothers :) It is all very sweet. His parents are school teachers and have had their opinion of homeschooling change based on getting to know my sons.


So they are putting together a bachelor party. All are Christian young men and don't/won't do a club or anything sleezy. Also, my youngest is under 18 so that adds a further dimension to what they can/will do.


They cannot take a trip (thought about a camping trip) because my oldest is taking off work and only has 1 day.


I told them they could do a "spa" for men - get facials, massages, etc., and find a Groupon or Living Social deal. A couple of the boys like the idea because they have always wondered what that would be like. A couple think it's too "girly".


Any ideas for a good, clean, low danger bachelor party? (paintball was nixed due to bruising)

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They could:

  • attend a pro sports game or maybe a minor league baseball game
  • play indoor lasertag
  • go to a driving range (golf)
  • go somewhere with batting cages
  • go for dinner at a nice steak house
  • go camping just for a day trip, swim, hang out, BBQ


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I planned my best friend's bachelorette party under similar circumstances (Christians, teen sisters of the bride) in a town I didn't know, so I utilized the internet to plan a multi-stop jaunt around the town. The bride wore a goofy hat identifying her as the bride-to-be. First we had goofy fun at a local park, then we went out for pizza, then we walked around the mall (and bought some lingerie), then we rode the mall's carousel, then we stopped at Baskin Robbins for a custom ice cream cake I had ordered ahead of time. I brought plates, forks, and a knife and we ate it there, much to the staff's amusement.


My DH and his groomsmen had dinner at a favorite restaurant and played pinball/video games at a local arcade.

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