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Calvert Sale 20% off


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For anybody interested in Calvert - Here's a copy of the email they sent me. Sale ends Friday.


We're cleaning up and so can you! Save 20%* on your entire order when you enroll by Friday, May 17. Learn more >>



  • Use coupon code FEBIQ212 to enroll online
  • Or call one of our Enrollment Specialists at 888-328-8285 (8am - 5:30pm Eastern, Monday - Friday). Be sure to mention coupon code FEBIQ212 to receive your 20% savings.

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THey had a similar sale back in February and they extended the course enrollment such that, if you buy ahead of time, you get 15 months to complete the course with ATS or even the course with full supoort and online access. (I actually got 18 months)...


ALSO I'm not sure how (probably because I was a returning Calvert user), but I actually got 30% off.


Just be aware that you get exactly 30 days for the refund policy. After that you get no refund at all, not even partial.


We are loving loving our Calvert year! IN fact I have a blog at CalvertHomeschooling.blogspot.com


My kids are definitely being challenged and there is a lot of discussion going on, along with the excellent Writing program. I am very happy we chose Calvert for 4th and 6th grades. In fact, we have had a bunch of big surprises. For one, we opened the 6th grade box to find Gifted Hands, the story of Ben Carson. I loved the movie and had always wanted to read the book. SInce Ben Carson is also a Christian, I was impressed that they included it, as he does weave his story of faith throughout the book. Another thing we were surprised to find is that almost every math lesson in 6th-8th grades has an online intereactive video similar to Teaching Textbooks. THey are fun and easy to use, and really bring the math alive.


If you are tired of planning, researching, and scheduling, it's a great idea to check it out. Also, we call the Ed COunsellors often. Yesterday she helped my son through a math problem, and explained that he needs to memorize the RUles of Divisibility. She took the time to explain which ones were most useful to learn first. We got off the phone with a plan ready and I felt confident moving forward.

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I know! This year is going so swimmingly because the 6th grade manuals are independent and my son is fairly mature. I am definitely following up and very involved. But I spend a LOT of time with my 4th grade dd. I could see adding a 3rd child in Pre-K or K, with no problem...but definitely not a fourth child, or even a 3rd child if that child was in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade. It's definitely time-consuming. BJU DL definitely makes more sense for you. :o)

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