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Only a homeschooler...


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In the past few days my girls have done things I can only describe as "only homeschooler". Well, at least none of their public school friends would do these things.


Middle dd - at library sale, one of the books in her bag was "Best Loved Poems of the American People" Or something like that. I asked her about it. She said why not, by the time you pay for it, it's only a few pennies. It was $2 a bag day. All the books you can fit in a bag for $2. I tuck mine and dh's books in her bag. There were probably 30-40 books in there.


Oldest dd - she graduated! - I went in to tell her good night last night. "What, not studying?" (She's been done with class for over a week.) "No, just reading Edgar Allen Poe." For fun! Are you going down to watch tv? "I'll finish the book first." At 11:30 at night.


OK one for youngest ds - He has fallen in love with chess! How many 12 yo who don't homeschool play chess? He won his class's tourny at co-op.

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