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Any funny moving out stories?

Miss Marple

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We moved ds back home on Mother's Day :) He shared an apartment with 3 other fellas. He called one fella "the phantom roommate" because he was never around, another was fine, and the 3rd was a total mess. The messy fella is 23 and has not learned that if you spill something on the carpet, you have to clean it up or it will just look worse and worse. He also never felt he should do his dishes. My son finally ended up spending as much time away from the apartment as possible and never cooked after the first couple of months because he didn't want to end up cleaning up this other boy's mess as well.


We purchased 2 bar stools when we moved him in. When packing, I could only find one. Eventually everyone .decided that this messy fella had it in his bedroom. He was not home, but the bedroom door was unlocked so we checked. Sure enough, he was using the stool as a table. When I turned it over to put it in the car, it was evident that he was using the underside to "park" his chewing gum! GAH! Surely a 23 year old should know better, but with all the other "evidence" it just appears he's a total slob.


We are hoping that next years roommates are better...and to think I was worried that *my* boys would be the slobs!


Anyone else have funny roommate issues this year?

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Dd19's roommate moved out right after Christmas break. Her friends just all swooped in one day, grabbed all her stuff and moved her to a room at the other end of the hall. DD got back from rehearsal and saw her in the hallway - "oh, by the way, I moved out."


It's actually been better for both of them. DD had to be up super early for breakfast and classes and tended to go to bed early. The roomate's first class was after noon and she stayed up until the wee hours of the morning with her friends. Not very compatible schedules. DD has loved having the room to herself and being able to turn on the light in the morning when she gets dressed.

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