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He wrote!!


He wrote LEGIBLY!!!


He wrote legibly for his copy work IN ADDITION to writing without me scribing for his other pencil to paper subjects!!!!


Compared to where we were this time last year I am utterly blown away by his progress. I would say we are approaching early 2nd grade level penmanship! I am so proud of my Punk! (Can you tell? :p )

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Both at home and at OT we are using HWT. We've also been doing a lot of fine motor skill building exercises/activities between therapy sessions. The first 6 months of therapy I felt like we were measuring progressin inches instead of miles, which was no real improvement over what was happening pre-therapy. Then almost overnight we have seen some massive gains; even Punk's therapists have been surprised at the size of the skill jump!

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Yeah! That is awesome!


We are seven months in with OT and two months in with PT.

I was just thinking this afternoon... Eight months ago, our pediatrician laughed in my face at my concern's over my child's penmanship. A few weeks later, we got a devestating diagnosis and our pediatrician was calling to tell me that I needed to accept that my child would never be able to hold a pencil correctly or be able to write well.

And here we are - seven months later - seeing our own impressive gains. It feels so good!

(Oh, yeah. And we now have a new pediatrician. :smash: )

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