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McGuffey Reader question

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Hi, Is there a "curriculum" that takes you through the McGuffey Readers. I was looking at the Classic Curriculum from Mott Media but...by level 4 in the Writing Series they are only on the First Reader, I believe. My daughter would probably be in the 2nd reader maybe, she is reading at a 4th grade level?


It would be nice for reading comprehension and vocabulary, not necessarily reading instruction. I just would like some sort of workbook or something...ideas?





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Landmark Freedom Baptist curriculum has workbooks for McGuffey's Eclectic readers.


The Landmark curriculum IS using the books to line up with grades, but the books were NOT written to be used like that. The 6th eclectic reader is WAY too advanced for the average 6th grader. I'm not sure how the workbooks are written to accommodate the average student. I really would love to be able to sit down and look through both the Landmark and Mott Media curricula if I had the chance.

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My daughter was at a 4th grade reading last year. When we switched over to McGuffey, I put her on the Third Reader. This level has been perfect for her as a reader that she reads aloud to me. She will be finishing up with this reader and require the Forth Reader next month. If you try easy peasy curriculum, a free website, http://allinonehomeschool.com/ they use McGuffey readers. I just had a quick browse now but can't seem to see the third reader, the other levels below this one are there. Anyway, if you have a look around you might find what you are looking for :)

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