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How do YOU use Lively Latin?


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Hi! I've lurked here on the boards for a while, and have found great resources and tips. Thanks, everyone!


I had to actually register, though, because I am polishing my lesson plan schedule for our school year and the one item I have left is Latin. We will be using Lively Latin (found right here and exactly what I was looking for) and I'm just not sure how to incorporate it into our schedule; three days / week? Five?


Right now, our week looks something like:

Grammar: Growing With Grammar, 4 days

Handwriting: Spencerian, 5 days

Spelling: ??, 4 days

Math: Mammoth Math Mult/Div, 4 days

History: SOTW 3, 4 days

French: First Start French, 5 days

Science: Living Learning Books Chemistry, 2 days

Reading: ad hoc (we read books, what we're doing and how we schedule it depends on the book itself)


We also have piano lessons on Tuesday mornings and our homeschool co-op will begin meeting on Friday mornings in September. There are also a monthly book club and art classes to be scheduled in at some point.


So, I'm wondering... for those who use Lively Latin, how do YOU schedule it?


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We started using LL last winter with my 3rd grader. I used it 2 or 3 times per week and the "off" days I had scheduled vocabulary review/ chants. We only completed the intro and first two lessons -- partially because we had a lot of other things going on-- and this fall, I'm determined to work 4 days per week at it. I don't want to rush my ds through it, but it seemed. to. drag. on. too. long. the other way.


Catherine, the author, says you should be able to work through the book in a year.

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We do it 5 days a week. It takes dd 10-20 minutes, depending on the exercise.


Your schedule looks sort of similar to mine. We do math, grammar, science, and literature 4 days per week. History, spelling, and Latin are 5 days per week. Logic, writing, and chess are 2 days per week (writing can sometimes be 3 or 4). Art is once per week.

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Thanks! I was wondering if I should do 20-30 minutes a few times a week or a shorter period 5 days a week. (and for the life of me, I can't remember if I had Latin every day when I took it in high school... my mind, like Swiss cheese!) It seems like the few times a week will drag it out to the place where I'm belaboring the point.


My plan is to do one lesson over two weeks, since there is a lot of content. That should take us out to 32 weeks.


On a completely unrelated topic, Alane, can I ask how you like 100 Easy Lessons? I ordered it to use with my 4-year-olds, but it hasn't arrived yet. Their pre-K schedule is next on my to-do list.

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