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Prayers for my niece's summer job interview today!


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This is a call back interview. So we're excited! Its a factory job, on the line but it'd be perfect for her.


She's 19. She's never had a job. I sat at our family Mother's Day celebration and listened to her mother belittle her in front of everyone. She can't. She can't She can't.......


Yes, this child is challenged BUT how will she get the skills she needs if her mother keeps her at home as a personal maid?!


My niece lived last semester with another of my sister's, far away from home. She successfully completed her first semester at a community college! Something her mother also said would never happen.


Next fall she'll go back for another semester, hopefully. And, hopefully, the satisfaction of having worked a summer job, and a back account with $$$$.


Her mother also tore me to bits right after humiliating her daughter. I thought she was going to hit me so I got up and left. Her twin told her that if she'd been at work she'd have had to call security. My mother told her to put her finger away and calm down. My poor dad was distraught. Her husband just sat there stunned. Her mother is so bitter, angry, and utterly inconsistent. It's frustrating. She was angry because her daughter had made the decision to apply for the job, got the interview, rode AMTRAK from her college to our town, spent the night with us, had the interview and got a 2nd interview. She felt that we'd undermined her dignity by not consulting with her about her daughter's plan. And she was angry that her daughter didn't tell her about it sooner -- truly it happened quickly and she was told about it as it was happening. We know that she hates to spend money on her daughter so we offered a place to stay and a ride to the job. My other sister got her to the train and paid for her ticket.


Fortunately my dh jumped in. DN is going to live with us this summer. Not as our nanny, not as our personal maid, so she can work and save her money. BIL and DH talked it through afterwards and made this decision.


I cannot communicate with someone who threatens me and gets in my personal space. My sister has been told to keep her distance until there's a third party who can mediate our conversation. I will not ever allow that experience with her again. She cornered me, leaned in, and started hammering her finger at me, closer and closer and closer. DH knew something was up because I started repeating, "Please back up and get out of my space!" Her twin put her arm between us to hold her back.


Time for a class on personal safetly.

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