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Chalkdust Algebra 2 - Which calculator should we buy?

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My son will be starting Chalkdust Algebra 2 soon. This is his first year using Chalkdust. The company suggests purchasing a TI-83 calculator to use with the program. The TI-84 seems to have more capabilities. Should we purchase the TI-84 or stick with the TI-83? I don't want him to get confused in the Chalkdust program since they reference the TI-83. TIA!

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it's a few more $$, but the Silver Edition has more memory. There are many specialized applications that can be loaded onto the calculator from the web, such as a periodic table, which is really handy for Chemistry.


My ds used the TI-84 for CD's PreCalc last year, and it worked just fine.


Staples has it on sale this week, too.




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