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Baby beardie--HELP!!!


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Help! I have had a baby bearded dragon now for about a week and he is not doing well. He is very reluctant to eat and has been since I got him. Now he is not eating at all. He is barely drinking and just sits on his Log and barely moves. As far as I can tell, his heat is good and he has UVB. I started off trying crickets, he didn't like those. He eat a few mealworms while I was waiting for a shipment of micro superworms and tiny Phoenix worms. He last ate one mealworm Friday morning and nothing since except a few licks of baby food. I know the the mealworms weren't the best thing for him to eat but it was all I had. I do not plan to give him anymore.


I am starting to get pretty worried about him. He is very small (probably too small to have been sold, now that I know better). I'd say he is about 2.5-3" from nose to vent. And then his tail is about 2" long. So I'm thinking he is pretty darn young.


I do not know what else to try... I really don't want to lose him :-(


Help please!

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He is very small, and probably doesn't need much food. We have a full size beardie now and she eats well, but can go for several days without food or water if necessary. What seems like a little bit of food to you might be enough for him to get by. Ours doesn't like to eat with people watching, if she's really hungry she will, but she usually waits until we leave to eat.


BTW, we know it's a she because on day she laid a bunch of eggs (unfertilized of course) and we had NO idea of what they were. When we figured it out, our son was very disappointed his beardie was a girl. He still calls it a he :)

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Is he pooing? If he is it is a good sign. If he has not pooped in a day or two soak him in a dish of lukewarm water (just deep enough to go over his shoulders without him floating around.


If he is still eating willingly then just keep trying... did he eat the phoenix worms?


I hate it when the pet stores sell babies too young!!!

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