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Animal Unit Studies...Zoology...Winter Promise?

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My dd will be starting first next year and I have everything planned out theeennnn I came across Winter Promise Animals and their Worlds. She would LOVE this!! She is animal crazy and throughly enjoys learning and interacting with any and all animals. My problem is this is an expensive program and I haven't come across it used with all components so even with a used instruction guide by the time I get everything else... Also the reviews for WP aren't great and I am worried I won't like the program for many of these reasons...inaccuracies, errors, not well put together.


We just started watching the Wild Kratts episodes and I was thinking we could study the animal on the video for the week. I also have Confessions of a Homeschoolers animal packet ( which I honestly haven't looked at it yet.)


I guess what I am trying to find out is whether there is something similar to the WP program out there for significantly less or even free. I need things laid out for me. I can improvise and add but I need a plan otherwise I will go all over the place. (Kind of like I am now) I am not looking for this to be anything particularly ie, science study. Just something fun where she can learn about animals and their habitats. I know going to the library and reading is the best way to learn but like I said I am worried we will be all over the place and not actually get anything accomplished. I guess I also feel like I need some kind of student book to track our progress and as a record for myself.


Am I making any sense here!?!? Does something like this exist? Should I just tear my eyes away from WP and try this on my own? I really fear it won't get done if I have to make plans myself for it every week.

Thanks in advance for any help!!


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I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I put together a mammal study for my kids that we completed last year. We used library books, videos, and internet resources. Anyway, it is free. Everything is laid out in chronological order so you just do the next thing when you have science time. If the library doesn't have one of the books choose a different one on the same topic. Here it is if you are interested: http://eclectic-homeschool.blogspot.ca/2011/09/mammal-study.html

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Hi there! We are going to use WP Animals and Their Worlds next year with our 5yo dd. I have the guide now, and I can tell now that its going to be a fabulous year! Our family has used several WP programs over the years, and we have always been thrilled with their quailty. Their exclusives, the books they choose, and the extra stuff - weblinks, etc., are all well thought out. Everything is laid out for you, down to which weeks you will need which supplies for projects. I've tried a few other programs to save some money, but I keep going back to WP because the kids and I love it so much.


Did you see that you can download a trial week of the Animals program? Read through that and see what you think. They have e-book options for their exclusives now, which brings the price down a bit, and I have had luck finding the scheduled books either at the library, or used. As far as the shipping issues go, they were a small start-up company and did have some kinks. I think over the last few years they have improved on the issues others have seen. I know there were 3rd party shipping/printing issues. To combat that WP now publishes many of their own titles, and I'm told (by them) now only orders from limited suppliers. My last orders came through timely and complete.

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