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Moving out of student rental

Miss Marple

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This might be a long shot, but I'm hoping to hear some experience stories. My son has an apartment with 3 other fellas in the town where he attends school. The rental company does individual leases for each bedroom but the common areas are shared (kitchen, laundry, living/dining room). We are heading down tomorrow to move him back home.


He will be the first to leave the apartment. It will be impossible for him to clean with the knowledge that it will be clean at the end of the month when his roommates leave. I cannot find anything in the lease that addresses that issue. We know that he will need to clean his bedroom and bathroom and we will lock that area when he leaves.


Has anyone ever rented in this type of situation? How did you handle the cleaning? Also, even if it is left clean and carpets shampooed, what are the chances that they will not just take money out of the deposits anyways? Unfortunately the 2 clean fellas (my son and another guy) are leaving first and the real horrid roommate who is a pig will be the last to go.


Any advice, BTDT???


If necessary we can go back down at the end of the month since he is paid through until then. But it's 2.5 hours each way (not a lot for those of you used to lots of commute time :) but for this small town family, that's a big event :D )

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This is what happened when dd20 was at university too. If she moved out before her roommate(s), the landlord gave her a walk through and signed off on her contract, clearing her from responsibility for any damage that might happen after her departure.

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