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Need help with book recommendations/reviews

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Hi. My 6yo reads at a jr. high level and reads everything she can get her hands on. I am having a hard time staying ahead of her in bringing home enough books for her to read that I KNOW are at least decent in content/age appropriate. I took her to the library today (maybe a mistake) and she picked out all kinds of books to read. I don't know if they are age/content appropriate and was hoping you could help. :) We are Christian as well and I would prefer the books she reads to be a positive influencer on her...


Here are some of the series she picked out. If you are familiar with them, please let me know your thoughts.


Thoroughbred series

Hoofbeats series


Obviously, she was looking at the horse books. If there are ones that are more age appropriate, please advise.


Also, the American Girl Series... is it ok for a 6yo? I own most of them (got an amazing deal), but have not read them. Thank you for your help.

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Not sure about the ones you're asking, my kids are not currently such avid readers (I wish!).


My daughter really enjoyed the Night Fairy, a lovely story that was a bit deeper than your regular fairy fare. She also enjoyed the Magic Cake Shop. The Penderwicks are great, but perhaps not as innocent as would be appropriate for 6? Sorry to not be of more help, wish I coudl recommend some fabulous series! How about taking her to the traditional tales section of the library and reading through that material?

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Beautiful Feet has a good book list through its character lessons curriculum.... The Read Aloud Handbook has a good list.... And the 1000 Good Books from Christian Homeschool.... I would look at those lists and pick from there (that's what I do with 2 voracious readers).

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For the AG books - my dd didn't care for the Felicity ones because she stole a horse, which at the time could have gotten her hung. The series regales her as a hero for it (the horse was being abused). The other series both my dd sand DS read through and enjoyed.

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