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MCT vs. Latin Road to Grammar


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Hi all,


We have been using MCT Grammar books and Latin roots books, specifically Grammar Island, Sentence Island, and now we're in Grammar Town, and we are finishing up Building Language, and I have Ceasar's English ready to go.


I find MCT's writing style very annoying and obtuse, and his rhymes to be awful--- but! I am learning a lot about grammar as being the relationship of words, and my 10yo also seems to be getting a lot out of it, though he *hates* it.


At the same time, I recently went on an irrational Latin Roots buying spree. We have been using the cards from English from the Roots up, but they just aren't sticking for my oldest (though my 8yo is remembering them well), and I bought Words on the Vine and Vocabulary from Classical Roots. I was kind of thinking of combining all of this with MCT's Latin stuff into my own thing, but it is currently all just sitting on my desk because I am dreading the task.


I recently saw someone post on the IEW group about using IEW's Fix-it in conjunction with Latin Road to Grammar and being very pleased. I am now wondering if I could just scrap everything I have been doing and go that direction. I would love a program that is at least as effective as MCT without being as annoying. Is Latin Road to Grammar that program? It seems awfully dry (and pricey) from the website, but also very thorough.


Thanks in advance!


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