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NJCL? Anyone sponsor a group?

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I joined ACL, and am considering trying to set up an NJCL chapter as my Latin club/class for my older ones this year (and classics club for the K-6 folks-but that doesn't scare me) There are several local schools that have the competitions and do regional events, so it seems like a good thing for our homeschool group to have available. Has anyone done this?

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Yes, another mom and I have registered an NJCL chapter for the past 4-5 years. In our state, we also have to sign up for the state league to be able to compete in the Certamen. The high schools also have regional activities in the fall and a state convention in the spring.


The Certamen is held in the spring a month before the state convention and a week after the NLE. So my students get to use all that studying twice ;) Schools compete in three different Latin levels to vie for a spot to compete at the convention. I don't know if each state is set up the same way. The coolest thing for me is that the Certamen in held in Princeton University, I just enjoy walking around and checking out the neat architecture and being able to go inside some of the buildings.


I like how it gives my children a chance to interact with other students in an academic setting. My students have gotten quite competitive, which would not have been the case without participating in the Certamen. My team came in 2nd place in their level this past March! The state convention also gives them a chance to see a slice of public school life.


My challenge now is having enough students to be able to sign up as a chapter. My friend is done teaching Latin, while my students keep dwindling every year. I managed to find another mom whose children are taking an online Latin class to join with me this schoolyear.





P.S. My students are in middle school and they were thrilled to beat the high schoolers. But their toughest competitor this year was another middle-school team.

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