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Weight loss update


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Some of you were really helpful and supportive, even when I was whiney. :)


I just wanted to say thanks and it's paying off.


I'm 5 pounds short of my goal for Mother's Day, but I'm still mighty happy.


I have lost 43lbs this year and went from a 16/18 pants to buying a size 10 yesterday. I'm going shopping for pants that don't fall off even with a belt. :D


I'm encouraged and motivated to stick it and set a new goal for the rest of the weight I need to lose, another 25 pound loss by my 40th birthday later this year.


It is HARD but I feel fabulous and look so much better and have more energy - and I didn't even think I was low energy before! For me, it's been worth it.


Thanks to those who helped and continue to help and I hope this encourages someone else who is struggling to keep working at it.


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Well I started by catching some awful stomach bug right after Christmas. I decided that was God's way of helping me jump start my new year resolution.


I started No S and Walk Away the pounds. I lost a good amount that way.


Then plateaued for a month and decided I needed to really get serious.


After some research, I decided to do Whole30. Because it's only 30 days and bc it doesn't require a strict calorie/point system.


I only lost another 12 pounds with Whole30, which is great bc i wanted off that plateau. BUT and this is huge, I lost 4.5 inches!! I literally lost more inches losing 12 pounds with Whole30 than the inches I lost with the previous 30 pounds! And no, I am not more muscular and I did not ramp up my walk away the pounds. In fact, I stopped those in favor of landscaping my front yard with lots of help from teens.


I've never dieted before unless you count being mindful of practicing No S. (no seconds, sweets, or snacks) but I figured I could severely modify my foods for 30 days if it would get me off that plateau. I'm ridiculously happy with it. And though I wasn't looking for food sensitivities, I think I found some. I caved once and had a slice of pizza and was sick all night. And to start with I decided to tweak it by permitting a very healthy yogurt (you can't get more healthy than siggi Icelandic unless you just eat it plain) and about 1/2 way through the 30 days I discovered I couldn't have those either. That's the only thing off diet I was having and the few times I had it, I had terrible gallbladder type attacks.


Which brings me to our big concern. I have gallbladder stones and a whole30 diet is pretty much the exact opposite of what is usually recommended for gallbladder issues. We were worried I'd start having awful attacks again. Nope. Not at all. I had some mild pains with the yogurt and awful after that pizza, but that's it.

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