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What LA for a 7th grader coming out of public/charter school?

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A friend of mine is considering homeschooling her daughter next year for 7th grade and I'm trying to figure out what LA materials to suggest to her. She isn't sure if she would homeschool more than one year or not. Her dd is coming out of a charter school that they aren't happy with any more. I don't really know anything about how they teach LA except that I know they did a lot of mind mapping in elementary school.


I was thinking of suggesting WWS 1, but I'm not sure if that would be too easy for a 7th grader.


I was also thinking of suggesting MCT Town level, but, again, not sure if that would be too easy, plus it's pretty expensive. We used Island this year, though, and loved it, so that makes me want to share my excitement with her!


I really don't know of any other curricula at this level since my oldest is only 9. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions? (I'll take suggestions for curricula on other subjects, too! I'm just specifically stuck on LA for her.)


Thank you!

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Rod and Staff has 7th grade level English (grammar and writing combined). I haven't used it yet, but I used the 6th grade book after pulling my son of out of public school. We're really happy with it. It is very thorough--MUCH more thorough than what he had learned so far from public school. If he had been much further behind or not a naturally quick learner, I probably would have had to back up to the 5th grade book. He continually "complains" that he "never had to learn this stuff" in public school, which to me is a ringing endorsement. lol But this was not a charter school, so I don't know if that changes things.

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I used Rod & Staff for my 6th grader for the first time this year, and will be continuing with R&S 7 next year. I agree that it is a very thorough program - I learned so much from it myself...and I have a minor in English! If you are concerned that the student did not learn a lot of grammar in school, starting with the 6th grade book may be helpful. My DD had not learned much in PS when we started the program, so I started with the 5th grade book at the beginning of the year, and transitioned to the 6th grade book mid-way.


It is a Christian-based program, if that matters/bothers your friend.

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I think WWS would be a bit too "different" for a child coming out of public school, who may be going back into public school, kwim? It certainly doesn't follow the typical public school sequence for writing.

IEW may be a good choice for writing.

I would probably suggest Hake for grammar (and possibly for writing as well; it would mimic nicely the public school model for writing and is less pricey than IEW).

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Thank you, everyone!


Aimee, can you explain more about why WWS would be too different? Also, what is the typical public school sequence? Wouldn't doing WWS help her even if (or especially because) it differs from the regular school methods/style?

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