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Question for MUS Users

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I like having the TM because his method is different from the way I learned math. The DVD is helpful, but I have to read the lesson in print to make sure I'm correctly communicating his METHOD to my students. It has nothing to do with me not knowing how to do first grade math. But for me to understand his method well enough to teach it, I have to see the lesson in print. That's just how I process new-to-me stuff.


I find that the written lessons go a bit more in-depth than the DVDs; this isn't really a huge deal with Alpha, but it's nice later on in the upper levels - especially if your kid isn't math-oriented, and has lots of questions. And if you're not math-oriented either, and have no clue how to explain your answers through the filter of MUS's methodology!


That and even for Alpha level, most days I prefer to correct work from an answer key - even if I can do it in my head, I have no desire to LOL.


But it's not necessary, no. Most people can teach just fine from the information presented in the DVDs.


If cost is a factor, don't forget to check Half-Price Books' online marketplace at www.hpb.com . I found our MUS Geometry TM and DVD there last week.

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No, I have only ever looking in the TM once or twice per level then it is shelved and forgotten about. I am sure in the higher levels the TM will be useful but in the lower levels it is completely unnecessary IMO

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