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Need math help for dd15

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I’m posting for help with math for all my kids…  Here’s #3:


Dd15 used Everyday Math for most of elementary and did very well with it.  Math comes more easily to her than to my other kids, although she does not like it.  I made some bad decisions during elementary and we took a bunch of time off of math and it’s been a struggle for her ever since.


She did algebra with College Preparatory Mathematics in 8th grade and this year did the first half of Geometry with the same program, but I did not like the program and neither did she.  It was very difficult and taught in a way I have never seen before.  I think a more traditional program would be better.


We stopped this geometry halfway through this year and switched to Life of Fred.  I had her start back with Algebra to get used to the way math is taught.  She’s done okay, but I think we just need a math program that is straightforward, easy to use and does not take too much teaching time (College Prep took about an hour with me sitting there).


She is ready for a geometry program and I would like to choose a program that would take her through the rest of high school.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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There are so many math programs out there, I'm not sure what to recommend. Harold Jacobs is a popular one for Geometry. Math U See (with DVD instruction) goes all the way through Calculus. Teaching Textbooks is CD-based (computer) and provides step by step solutions to all problems. There's many other options.


What are you looking for? What programs have you looked at and discarded?

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Kinetic Books will work for geometry and Algebra II, but you would have to switch after that because that's as far as it goes. It was my 17yo's favorite math program.


Thinkwell goes up to Calculus, but I'll warn you that my dd has not been successful with the problem sets. They are much more difficult than the problems he shows how to work in the lectures. I had her drop it and we are going to just quickly work through Calculus the Easy Way instead now that she has finished her cc classes.


Teaching Textbooks goes up through Precalculus, but it is known as a lighter program. That might be good for you since you said that this dd dislikes math despite being good at it.


MUS goes up through Calculus. It is a lighter program also. I am using it with my youngest because it is a lighter program. I would not have used it with my two older girls.


All of these programs are good for self-teaching because they have video lessons.

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