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I just need a minute here...a small rant

Lizzie in Ma

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ok, off topic completely, totally need to get this off my chest...

Starting at 6:30 last night right when we got to the movie theater to see Iron Man....

Apparently Mom needed someone to take her to the Dr today at 2:30, (she gets confused since her heart attack in February)

43 texts between my younger sister and I and one phone call

14 texts ,7 phone calls and 6 emails between my twin and I

6 phone calls between twin and Mom

9 phone calls my dh had to make to cover stuff at work so he could go in my stead because today is the ONE day I couldn't do it

3 phone calls and 7 emails with Mom including one filled with tears and hysterics

and I just got this FROM MY MOTHER...

"Yesterday I had ASKED YOUR FATHER to make arrangements to take me today - he says he never heard me - he is taking me this afternoon"


Just shoot me

Pretty much this right now, lol

Thanks for listening, rant over. ;)

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Jean, I know, that could work, but I don't know , Dad gets confused too and often is forgetful. He was supposed to work so I don't know how he ended up being ok to take her. His mental state has been in decline for some time, his Mom died of Alzheimer's so we worry about that too.

I think things are just going to get worse with them mentally. Makes me sad. Seems to have all started a year ago when her knee surgery was botched and she got "let go" at the job she's had since I was 12. Her heart attack in February and it's resulting issues are still on going and I think my poor Dad is just reeling.


This weepy, fragile person is so not my Mom. It's so hard. I actually had to go there 2 days ago because I told her to reboot her computer, walked her through it and she couldn't find the power button on the tower and she was waiting for an email confirming a lunch date and flipping out!!! She is 20 minutes from me, so it could be worse but man oh man.

My twin lives about 7 minutes from her but works two jobs and my little sister about 15 minutes but she works too.

I spent all day with her last Wed and got a frantic phone call from my Dad while we were at Bible study that night, she had taken a nap and woken up at 6 and couldn't understand that it was still Wed, she thought it was 6am and that she was going to miss a Dr. appointment and I had to talk them both down.

My twin and I are talking about renovating her house sooner rather than later for them to move in with her and we've spoken about selling our house and moving in with her as well so that we can take care of things together. Just wasn't ready for it to be all so soon.

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Lizzie - that sounds so much like my ILs situation. I got lots of good advice to get them a caregiver or have them go to an assisted living type situation. Unfortunately, the monetary cost is so high but the cost to their lives can be so high if you don't do it. It is such a tough situation to be in. We've compromised by taking over some things - like getting medical power of attorney and scheduling all appointments directly ourselves and then taking them. It wasn't easy to get them to agree but we did finally get agreement on the medical care end of things. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

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