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Cello instruction book

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My daughter now has a cello. And she wants a book to teach her how to use it. Any suggestions for a good one?


She won't be taking cello lessons. She doesn't have time, given all the other lessons she's doing. But she has a very good grasp of musical concepts already. She just needs a straightforward march through beginning cello.


I'm looking at the options at Shar Music (because their music is 10 percent off through May 12, I think) (with free shipping?). They have things like:

De'ak's Cello Method (too advanced?)

Adventures in Cello Country (too slow for someone who already knows a lot about music?)

Suzuki (not enough info without a teacher?)


Or would you suggest something else?


I'm actually kind of leaning toward the Mel Bay Cello Method, unless one of the ones at Shar music (because they're on sale) is better.


It never ceases to amaze me that Mel Bay is now a reputable publisher of decent music books. It wasn't always that way, let me tell you....

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I was learning cello as an adult ( I too have musical background). I must say that instructor would be most helpful to her. There are so many nuances of holding the bow, the cello itself, not to mention all the shifting! At least going online to see some tutorials would be very helpful, before one develops bad habits:):) There is a place called StringsLessons.com or I'm sure there are a myriad others.

If you need books I actually have some for sale in the Classifieds. I was using Suzuki method, which I liked- listening to the Cds was very helpful, although at the beginning it was frustrating because it was played so fast and so perfectly:):) but with practice and dedication it became a challenge and a pleasure to listen to.

Hope it helps.

Sincerely, Viola

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