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Could you use miquon to start and then move to MUS?


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I think Miquon is a good start for most kids. It is spiral, but in a very different way from most "spiral" programs.


I'm not sure how it would mesh with MUS. I don't know that much about MUS, but my impression was that the first books are almost entirely addition and subtraction and the next two almost entirely multiplication and division? If that's the case, and you wanted to do just some Miquon as a kindy program and then move into MUS, then sure. I think that would work for any child. If you wanted to do all of Miquon and then move into MUS at a higher level, then I'm not sure if that would work or not. A child who does all of Miquon has been exposed to a lot of different concepts - they've mostly covered all of addition and subtraction of whole numbers and some of fractions and decimals... But they've also covered a lot of multiplication and division - having to start over with those topics would probably be difficult.


Of course, you could always use a little Miquon alongside MUS as your main program. Lots of people do that with Miquon with other programs. It just gives a very different look at math.

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