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Ack! MCT, what do I buy?


What do I need for MCT?  

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  1. 1. What do I need for MCT?

    • MCT Level 1 Basic Homeschool Package
    • MCT Level 1 Complete Homeschool Package
    • Other - A different combo of books and manuals (explain)
    • Other - I dislike MCT, you should try _________ instead.

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I'm sorry, I am sure this has been asked a million times but I'm not feeling well and the search function is not being friendly to me. I plan to start my oldest on MCT grammar and plan on doing the whole shebang. I'm just not sure what I need to purchase. Specifically I'm not sure which teacher's manuals are important. Any one care to chime in?


Right now I am looking at:

MCT Level 1 Basic Homeschool Package

MCT Level 1 Complete Homeschool Package



*P.S. I plan to use these materials with my youngest as well *

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I prefer for the children to have nothing in front of them (I teach two at a time and they either fight over the book or stop listening to me) so I vote BASIC.

If you want to use it for another child, get an extra copy of the practice book (you cannot make copies) because the shipping is KILLER-- this will save you $$ in the long run.

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I purchased the entire package at the Island level, but have since pared down at the Town level to exclude student books except for Practice Town, and Poetry because my son won't touch anyway. This has worked out very well. I do have to rewrite some of the practice questions from Grammar Town or cover the answers, but its not hardship.

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If you're really on a tight budget, I would wait a year or two and then get the basic package of "town" plus the TM of Sentence Island. Go through SI first and then start "town".


Building Language is my least favorite of the MCT vocab books and totally skippable. Music of the Hemispheres IMHO goes way over the head of most elementary aged kids and the concepts are covered again in Building Poems. All the grammar covered in Grammar Island is discussed in much more depth in Sentence Island. Practice Island and Practice Town are very similar in terms of their exercises and if you're on a tight budget you could absolutely get away with doing just the latter.

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