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What *must* I see at conference???


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I was at the conference today for about 30 minutes.


I didn't make it all the way through. Too crowded.


When did people stop knowing how to walk in a crowd? People zig and zag with no rhyme or reason to their movements. Then they stare at you blankly when you freeze in place, trying to figure out how best to avoid running into them since they displayed no predictable pattern! I miss the good ol' days when people moved to the right to avoid oncoming traffic. And when people had a general awareness of others. Seriously, if you're wearing a backpack or a frontpack (bag or baby) - no fast turns! And remember you're now a good foot or more wider so take that into account when moving around LOL.


So, don't know if there was any must-sees. Hopefully not.


I have zero plans to return tomorrow, or ever again.


I'd rather pay shipping and the extra 10% on anything I order from the vendors B)

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