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s/o What books overview all of history, and are child-appropriate?

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SOTW by SWB is the best, imho. I have several of the other books mentioned in this thread on my shelf. We use SOTW.


I have an interesting used book store find. It's "The History of Mankind: A Picturesque Tale of Progress." by Olive Beaupre Miller.


I've not read them yet.

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I had to look this up, and now I have to say, it looks fascinating! I like the writing style from the sample I read, and the reviews were quite good too. Another book to add to my collection - thanks!


Plus, it's by Christopher Moore, and he's just hilarious in all of his other books.

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Plus, it's by Christopher Moore, and he's just hilarious in all of his other books.


I am not sure it's the same CM. Unless you really love Canadian history?









and sexist and just generally meh. I'd consider myself fairly conservative and not what I'd call feminist or such and I just cannot stand to read about the whites coming to save the savages.


Not to mention, a mid-20th century world history book is just completely out of date about some things, for example, the end of colonialism, and I think that can be rather awkward to read at this point. I bought a copy of Hillyer's book at a book sale and immediately put it high, high up. I then sold it to someone. Anyhow Poke Salad Annie assured me that the other books have a different tone, and they do, but books about the countries are just so outdated. The history ones aren't bad. The art ones are interesting.

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The vintage books can be shocking at times. Sigh!


I'm using single chapters more and more often now, but struggle to read any of them through from beginning to end. Somehow skipping among them, a chapter at a time, to supplement What Your _ Grader Needs to Know isn't so unpalatable to me.


I've also changed my tone when teaching history and now focus on the STORY aspect of hiSTORY. I have a big "whatever" attitude, lately. As I age, I realize life is just so short. I'm getting more and more selective in how I want to spend my TIME and less selective about pre-reading and censoring. I just read more, and comment less, and treat all of history like a huge cast of CHARACTERS that students need to be familiar enough with to be culturally literate. I teach geography more explicitly, but history is just becoming story time.


Homeschool Mom in AZ, I'm an empty-nester that reads all the stuff I didn't have time to read earlier, and share it with mostly adult tutoring students. :D It's... different, but not more or less fulfilling, just different.

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