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AppFriday download - some iOS apps available in different languages

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Hi everyone,


Every Friday, AppFridayParty posts some iOS apps that can be downloaded for free or reduced cost during a 24 hour period. This Friday, they have a couple of apps that will be available in different languages.


Here is the download site:




These are the apps that I know of. I think you have to start from the download link above - the following are links to the iTunes pages.


Pippi Longstock's Villa Villekulla - will be free on Friday, Swedish


Nisse Playful - will be free on Friday, European languages and some Asian languages including Japanese and Chinese


Dr. Panda's supermarket - will be $0.99 on Friday, European lanuages and some Asian including Chinese, Japanese and Korean

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That Pippi game looks so cute, but it shows as $1.99; do I have to wait until tomorrow?



Unfortunately I couldn't find a reference to the start time, except for the Facebook Party starting at 10am PST (when developers log on to discuss the free apps).


I did see the download page mentioning that the prices usually revert back by 8pm PST. So that's the window I would try (10am - 7:59PM PST)?

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