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Update for those interested in Digital Theatre Plus

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Here's the latest from HSBC:


It's official! Digital Theatre Plus will make a debut at the Co-op! With this unique London-based Fine Arts program, your students can experience the thrill of live theater brought directly into your homeschool classroom using online access.


The program has titles for all age groups: elementary through college. It also includes access to study guides with features such as story introductions, characters, relationship maps, plot summaries, context, playwrights, and much more! With productions like "Much Ado About Nothing", "King Lear", "Macbeth", "A Doll’s House", and more, this program costs over $500, but the Co-op is discussing a subscription for our members that will include all titles and features for as low as $75.


If you would like to be reminded when this GroupBuy launches, click here.


For those of you hearing about this for the first time, we had a discussion about putting together a group buy ourselves, but thankfully HSBC agreed to do the work for us. You can check out the program here:



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Does it update a lot? As I only saw 16 productions listed, so do the productions disappear and new ones appear or is that the total of what they have?


If they had a part about the orchestra it would of been nice, lol. I need to figure out whether there is a local orchestra we can view.

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