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If you have a Brock magiscope, do you prepare slides for it?

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I keep reading about people taking this everywhere. How does that work, exactly? i realise it is compact (I have one) but you arent's preparing slides on the fly, are you? Is it essentially being used as expenive magnifying glass and you are plopping the specimen right on it? I have the slides that I ordered with it, but today I ask because I need to decide whether to learn to prepare slides in time for the mushroom study. I have the magiscope but not the materials to make slides. Many thanks!

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Yes, I also prepare slides. We have done live cultures, and wet mounts, with and without staining. The microscope has first-rate optics, so why not?


I also photograph slides through the eyepiece... Try it! It just takes a bit of patience, but is very rewarding. You can hand-hold a digital point and shoot, an iPod, or an iPad camera (or any phone camera I am sure) if you have a steady hand and photograph opaque or transparent objects with no special equipment.



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