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s/o: share your homemade little girl dresses!


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I made this for DD to wear to my cousin's wedding last year. It's called "Flights of Fancy" from Australian Smocking & Embroidery magazine, Issue #93. As you can see, Dd really go into the twirly aspect of this dress! There was LOTS of spinning on the dance floor!





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Beautiful dress! My dd would have loved it!


I know there are instructions somewhere for adding a skirt to a T-shirt to make a dress. I made one for dd a few years back. Mine was adding a simple straighter base in a print fabric below the chest area.

Here's a cute one tho! http://www.craftycup...s-tutorial.html


And I found this one: http://www.happytoge...to-toddler.html


The church is having folks make pillow case dresses to send abroad. And here's a page with lots of cute variations! http://pinterest.com...esses-and-more/


Looking at all these dresses is making me want grandkids! lol

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There are a few pix of dd wearing one of her t-shirt dresses here: http://www.avalonprepschool.com/2011/09/this-isnt-your-kindergartners.html?m=0. You'll can scroll down a bit to see almost all of it.


And here is another. This was actually taken because of the dress so there are better photos. http://www.avalonprepschool.com/2012/04/dress-cat-and-trifle.html

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Looking at all these dresses is making me want grandkids! lol


I know! I love making dresses for my little girl, but I really don't have time with 3 under 5. By the time I do, she won't wear them anymore. I'm hoping for granddaughters to make dresses for someday when I have more time!

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I have been sewing like crazy this spring...


DSC_4164web by plath, on Flickr

Ellie Inspired Simple Elegance dress http://www.ellieinspired.com/free-patterns-projects/



DSC_3944web by plath, on Flickr

Good deeds dress: http://elysiumpatterns.blogspot.com/2012/05/ive-been-meaning-to-start-blog-for-long.html



DSC_4144web by plath, on Flickr

Good deeds dress



sundress by plath, on Flickr




buttons by plath, on Flickr

I used a free tutorial for this one, but can't find the link...



polky by plath, on Flickr

polky nots dress: http://seweasybeinggreen.blogspot.com/2012/03/polky-nots-dress-tutorial.html



polka by plath, on Flickr




sprinkles by plath, on Flickr

same pattern as above (I also knit the pants)



mermaid by plath, on Flickr

Good deeds dress (I also made the birthday crown)

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The last one I made was for an 8 year old who wanted a twirly dress. :D

I see the pattern is out of print, but there's always eBay/etsy: http://mccallpattern...lay&list=search

This was 2nd grade, Easter. (I can NOT get this to rotate. For whatever reason, GIMP isn't saving it right)




She's now 5th and just wore it on Tuesday for the Spring concert. :) It's still her favorite, but I need to let out the hem. It's up to her knees now! lol

(This was with her daddy at the Father-Daughter dance this winter, but I just love this photo. ;) )


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Thanks for the links! DH is good with the sewing machine, and he likes making things for DD, so I'm going to figure out which one is the easiest for him.


The Good Deeds dress was the first one I did this year and I LOVE that pattern. The floral ones I posted are sewn from vintage sheets :)


Love seeing everyone's pictures!

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Here's Dd7's communion dress, which is from Burda. I used a diamond white lawn for the dress and a ecru lawn for the lining. Grr, I can't find the other photos. I made the same Easter dress for the twins, but in butter yellow lawn and a pink lawn.



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I don't have a pic, but I've made long denim skirts for the girls by buying 2 matching pairs of jeans at Goodwill and ripping out the seams. You'll end up with an inverted V in the front and back, so patch that on the inside with the spread out legs of the second pair of jeans. Sew them up and there you go! I need to make Sylvia another one as she's outgrowing her first one.

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This is a simple pillowcase-style dress. I made a bunch of these for my daughter about a year ago.




They all hit just below her knees now. :)


ETA: No tutorial, really. It's two rectangles, as long and as wide as you want. Layer them, fold them over lengthwise, then cut a J shape at the top corner. I did about 2 inches in and 4 inches down, IIRC. Unfold, sew the seams up the side. For easy finishing, I just used bias tape around the armholes and at the bottom. Then fold the top edges down about an inch or so and sew them down. Sew two lengths of bias tape closed and run them through the folds. Tie the ends so they don't fray. I put a few stitches in the middle of each fold to keep the bias tape from coming out in the wash.


When I had no interruptions, I was able to make five or six of these in about two hours (and that included making the bias tape!).

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Oh, this thread was a great idea!


I loved this dress I made for dd when she was 3. I was able to modify it yearly (add zipper, elongate straps, etc.) so that she actually got 4 *years* of wear out of it. I still use larger version of the same pattern. Here is one I made last year from the larger version of that pattern (McCalls 4817.) I always like to make a matching head scarf too.


ETA: This isn't a dress, but it was my favorite homemade thing. The pattern was by Farbenmix.

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