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help! memory work for history?

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I'm now convinced of the need to memorize things. I wish someone had drilled me on stuff when I was in school, but that's beside the point. I am thankful that my US history teacher made us memorize things like the Gettysburg address, Patrick Henry's speech before the virginia convention, the poem "Oh Captain, My Captain" and the preamble to the declaration of independence. I will have my son do that next year when we do american history. But I also need a list of dates/people I think, for him to memorize. And would like to end this year off with him memorizing a few dates/events/ something for world history (second half). So...any links to such lists, or memory songs, or what not?

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We use the Classical Conversations memory songs for history events. I just co-ordinate the songs with what we're learning. Be aware though, if you do it that way, you almost have to buy all 3 years of their cds because they sequence things very differently.



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Three years ago I made up a 32 point timeline of important dates in history that I had my kids memorize (one date for each week of our little co-op). Now that the kids have that timeline down well, I need to go back and fill in gaps, but it is a start anyhow! We had done CC for a year, and that timeline felt overwhelming, plus we weren't memorizing dates associated with it. I felt a smaller number of events, but with dates, would actually be more useful in the long run.


Also, obviously there are huge ranges of possible dates, especially for the early events/people. I just sort of picked a date and went with it, LOL. Here it is--maybe seeing it would help you!


Timeline of Important Dates in History

1. Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Pharaoh Menes--3100 B.C.

2.Code of Hammurabi—1792 B.C.

3.Reign of Tutankhamon—1333 B.C.

4.Davidic Kingdom—1011 B.C.

5.Founding of Rome—753 B.C.

6.Reign of Julius Caesar—59 B.C.

7.Destruction of Jerusalem—70

8.Pompeii Burns—79

9.Split of the Roman Empire—286

10.Constantine and the Edict of Milan—313

11.Justinian the Great—527

12.Charles Martel and the Battle of Tours—732

13.William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings—1066

14.The Magna Carta—1215

15.Gutenburg Prints the Bible—1456

16.Columbus Sails to the New World—1492

17.Martin Luther Begins the Reformation—1517

18.The Defeat of the Spanish Armada—1588

19.Jamestown is Founded in Virginia—1607

20.The Mayflower Lands at Plymouth Rock—1620

21.America Declares Its Independence—1776

22.The Storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution—1789

23.Napoleon’s Defeat at the Battle of Waterloo—1815

24.Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War—1861

25.The Great World War—1914

26. The Bolshevik Revolution—1917

27. The Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression—1929

28.World War II—1939

29.Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon—1969

30. The Berlin Wall Comes Down--1989

31.First Gulf War—1990

32. 9/11—2001

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