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please tell me about Our Mother Tongue

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I have a hard time figuring out how Our Mother Tongue compares to other grammar curricula and what the lessons look like. Here are my random questions about it:

Is it mainly appropriate for early Logic stage (5/6 th grade) or through 8th? (I read somewhere that it had 49 lessons, which makes me think it is a 1 or max 2 year scope?)

Is it a workbook or a textbook or an all-in-one?

What do you like about it?

What about it does not appeal to you?

Would it be a good 5th6th grade follow up after FLL4 and before Stewart English in 7th grade?

Any input greatly appreciated...






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I don't have my copy since the fire but here's what I remember of it: it is simple and straighforward. It was the first grammar book that gave me hope of getting over my grammar phobia and think that maybe I could really understand grammar and learn to diagram. I think it's worth the money- esp if you don't have a strong grammar back-ground (I had zero). It's not nearly as structured or in-depth as say, FLL IV, and it doesn't do diagramming like MAry Daly's Whole Book of Diagramming but if you look at those books and break out in hives, start with Our Mother Tongue (that's what I did) and then go from there.

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