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Creative writing over summer

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Probably not nearly the level you're looking for, but there are some imitation materials like Write with the Best or the stuff VP is doing for their freshman comp using Hemingway and something (don't know exactly, I was eyeing it online and wanting to figure out). Another option, what I've got in the wings for dd, is to plow through some of the new Creative Writer books from PHP. They're not super hard, but then you didn't say superhard. I think I bought books 2 and 3. Alternately (or as in conjunction) pick up some poets and short story writers and try to imitate them. I got this adorable book someone had mentioned here on the boards by Prelutsky on how he writes his poetry. Levine has something similar (Creative Magic). I can't get dd to bite on the Prelutsky book, which I thought would be fun to imitate, but she has read the other and enjoyed it. They're both kinda young target age books, but something in that vein with a bit older audience maybe. I'm going to see if she'd like to work through it this summer along with the PHP CW books. You never know.


You know another TERRIFIC direction to go is fan fiction or writing contests. Teitho has monthly LotR fan fiction contests with themes. Stiff competition, interesting genre, and something that gives you feedback. Tons of fun. There are teen writing contests and magazines too. Dd hasn't done any (other than that Teitho thing), but they're out there to find.


Btw, totally bizarre other option that I know nothing about, not having done it myself. If she did a National History Day project for the *performance* category, she would write her own performance script, correct? Might be a totally different direction she hadn't thought of to take her creativity. You can start your 2014 NHD project as soon as Nationals are over in June. Check their website for the new theme and info.

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