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Why can't I upload pictures from my computer to websites anymore?


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I am no longer able to upload pictures. I've even tried to reduce the size of the pictures to see if that would work but no such luck.


I wasted 2 hours this morning getting nowhere with AT&T our internet service provider. Of course, due to "technical difficulties" they were not able to save a copy of my chat. I got on again and the next person disconnected me from my server so that was the end of that chat. Uggh. We probably need to find another provider but that's a topic for another post. All they wanted to do was upgrade me to Uverse!!


I recently tried to upload pix to my email to an Amazon seller but gave up after several days. I thought the issue was with my computer but I wasn't able to do so using ds' computer either. I kept getting this msg:"The attachment upload is taking a long time. If you do not have a slow connection and you are not uploading a large file, please try again later."


I was wondering if my upload/download speeds had recently changed. Hence my call to AT&T our ISP.


Any advice, suggestions to try??


Thanks in advance.

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I just used Paint on the computer. The funny thing is that I have uploaded pix before even without reducing it further. I checked and the last time I uploaded with no problem was in Feb. I'm still using the same camera. Strange...


Did you just reduce the size of your pictures using your computer's software, or through a file size reduction program? If you just did it with your computer's software, you might have better luck using one of the online file size reduction tools. Here's a free one I've used in the past: http://www.shrinkpictures.com


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