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Budgeting/ Meal planning/ Elective ideas

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Good morning WTM ladies and gents!


I am having a problem coming up with ideas to incorporate into an elective that

my 9th grade son is doing this year. We are budgeting/ meal planning. What he

has basically done is plan our meals and grocery list for each week. Then we went

shopping with a budget in mind that he couldn't go over. He then had to make the

dinners that he had planned. Lastly, he had to do all the clean up work from the

meals. We have touched on budgeting in general also.


This is where I am stumped. I need more. I want him to do something else along these

lines of budgeting/ meal planning/ and working with finances. I am open to any ideas.

Love to hear some out of the box ideas as well.


Thanks for the help!

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You've probably already covered it, but nutrition? That could include everything from making sure he has balanced meals to tracking how many calories are consumed to changes in dietary needs.


This is a great idea. While I have done nutrition and a balanced meal, I have not

worked with him on tracking what he eats and how much calories/fat/carbs and

all are in his food. Thank you!

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My fitness pal is a great (and free) app that tracks calories, nutrients etc...

I have a kid that is a dancer and she watches her diet for optimal performance, she uses this app. It is always nice when my kid comes up to me and asks if I can make sweet potatoes for dinner because she has not had enough vitamin A for the week.

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If cc is ok, the Discovering God's Way of Handling Money books by the Daytons would work. I got them to use with my dd this coming year. They do exactly what you're saying, walking them through a study of money, having them keep track of what they spend and developing a budget.

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