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Unbelievable - rental book saga

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DD took her last dual enrolled exam yesterday and came home. (Last week she returned books to the CC that I rented there and told her to take back.) She comes home, middle child takes the car to music. Oldest realizes she forgot to return another book. DH happened to be home and drove her in. They get there and -no, it's not a rental - and they give her $35 for the book. They are both thrilled.


I get home from work and they tell me what happened, as we are sitting down to dinner. I tried telling them I rented THAT book from Chegg. No, it had a sticker. Finally after dinner, I log on to Chegg. Yep, it's from them. DH says well how much if we buy it - $220!!!!


DD is calling the CC today and trying to give the $35 back and get the book so we can return it to the right place.


Oh my!

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Hope she's successful. This is something that could definitely happen at our house...sigh... However, I can pretty much guarantee that it won't happen again if your family is anything like mine. ;)

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I know that the bookstore at the college where I work would be very willing to help on this as long as you had the receipt and as long as they hadn't sent off the problem book yet. They seem to go out of their way to be helpful as long as the request is reasonable.


Hopefully yours is like that!

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