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Hostess gift---what would be a good one?


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17dd and I are driving with my friend to Montana next week. We are driving a big diesel truck with camper topper and hauling a large enclosed trailer. Should be a fun adventure.


The plan is for us to drive over 3 days to my friend's aunt in Montana and then for us to stay overnight with her for 2 days. Then dd and I will fly home while my friend's dh flies in the same day from Alaska and they will continue the drive with truck and trailer to Alaska.


I was just wondering what would be an appropriate amount/type of hostess gift for me to give to her aunt. I have never met her but she had even offered to let dd and I stay even longer with her after my friend left but I need to get back for the rest of the kids and we hit a super low airfare day and got those tickets.


We will be with her 2 nights and I expect she will feed us for the 2 days as well. I would certainly pay for everyone a meal if we go out but they are quite rural so I don't know if that will be an option.


I was thinking a gift card to somewhere my friend could suggest.


Any ideas? We have never done anything like this.

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When a friend's family stayed with me for a couple days, she brought me a set of fridge magnets. It was completely unnecessary! But they were so pretty and I still love them. She got them from Brighton. (http://www.brighton.com/category/66/1/desktop.html)


I've taken wine, a book of "prayers for the homeschool mother".


If it weren't going to take 3 days to get there, I'd say bring brownies or a dessert or something.


Is there something your area is known for that you could take?

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Since they're very rural, a gift card to a restaurant might not be readily used.


I second the suggestions of gourmet cookies, chocolate, and wine. Another idea is a pretty box set of assorted teas. If you have a Cost Plus World Market in your area, check there.

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