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New to Nancy Larson Science.....some questions

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We're trying out Nancy Larson Science this year (doing 1 w/ both kids), so I'm completely new to NL!

It looks like there are 71 lessons for level 1....I'm wondering how long each lesson takes?

Should I plan one day for each lesson? or should the lessons be broken up into several days?

If so, about how many days?

Oh, and if you can tell me about how long (time wise) the lesson takes if you do it in one day, that would be helpful too!

I'm just trying to plan out our next school year, and I have no clue how long each lesson takes or what others usually do w/ the program.

If each lesson takes only a day (depending on how long time wise it takes), then I would be sure to spead it out so we're doing science may 3 days per week. If each lesson takes 2-3 days, then I know I'll need to schedule science each day:)

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Hi! I used NL 1 last year with my oldest. I'll tell you what I did :laugh:


I did two lessons per week. Then I used 2 days for review days and extra reading or activities. So my week looked like this:

Monday-do 1 lesson with activity

Tuesday-do review page with extra reading from library books and either repeat activity/or expand on that activity

Wednesday-do 1 lesson with activity

Thursday-do review page with extra reading and either repeat activity/or expand on activity

Friday-we usually took this day off or it was a make up day in case we skipped a science day (I have lots of littles so some days we skipped things)


Our lessons usually took about 20 minutes. You could always stretch out the lesson with extra books or taking more time on the activity but I wasn't able to do that with a baby and preschoolers.


So, the program took us an entire year with doing 2 lessons per week. I know the homeschool rep also gave me a sheet with a book list and extension activity ideas. Those can help slow your pace.

But if you only want to do science 2 days per week then I would do a lesson each day but begin with the review page from the previous lesson to make sure your child remembered the lessons from before. It would be easy to schedule a 2 day or 4 day week.


Hope that helps! We're using Level K and Level 2 this coming year so I've got to figure out my schedule for that!

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Thanks so much! That helps a lot:) This year we did Magic School Bus DVDs w/ Magic School Bus books (along w/ books from the library). I'm excited to try NL next year! I needed a science program that had everything there for me, otherwise I knew it wouldn't get done. I have a 20 mo old, so she definitely adds some challenges to our day too lol.

Instead of history, we're focusing on geography this year (using EE along w/ some other items others mentioned), so I am trying to figure out how many days we'll be doing geography, then I can figure out how many days I want to do science lol.

This year we did history on Mon/Wed and then Sci on Tues/Thurs (Fri was art)....trying to figure out if I want to do the same for this year or not.

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