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Is there a software or website like this???


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So I want a software (for Win7) that allows children to only go to certain websites listed. Since my computers crashed (XP) we got new ones (Win7) and the option to allow or block websites is not built in to Win7. (In XP, I could go to the parental controls and type in allowed websites, like *.lego.com and *.jumpstart.com and *.readingeggs.com, etc.)


I can limit time by using Win7, it is just the websites I want to limit. Most softwares just block certain ones (a list they make and you can add to). I can't block the whole internet.


Yes I know I can supervise.. and I am in the room, but I want to be able to log them in (particularly the 3yos and even the olders during school work) and put them on a page and know that from there they can click to only certain pages.


I usually use Chrome. I prefer Firefox to Explorer if I have to change browsers.

Googling only gets me those softwares that block p@rn etc. Or instructions on how to do it with Win XP.


Does that all make any sense???(I do have a sinus headache right now... so that may affect my clarity LOL)


Also does anyone know how to make a website where I could make links to certain activities/games for a topic we are studying?? I figure I could use a blog, but keep it private??Is there a free blog that would let you do that??



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On Windows 7 there is a setting that is "Allow List Only" and that will only allow pages on your allow list. To do this you go to the control panel and there is a setting for "set up parental controls for any user". You need to assign your child an account they log onto from the start page and then it monitors them. We have ours set up so dh and I have our own password protected accounts, and the kids are on monitored accounts with no password.

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