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Key to series for 5th grade math review

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I'm reposting this from the general board because I didn't get any responses. Hopefully, it will do better here:) I'm looking for something to do over the summer with dd, who will be between 5th/6th grades. Her background is Singapore PM 1-4, then Saxon 6/5 this year. She finished early so we are going through the PM 5 A/B (text only) at a fast pace for the last six weeks of school. I like to keep my kids doing some math over the summer, but I want something more self-paced than starting PM 6 A would be, which is what we will be doing in the fall.


I like what I see in the samples of Key to..., but I'm wondering how much time it takes to get through each book. I'd like to cover fractions, decimals, percents, and measurement. I see that each topic has several small books available, so maybe I could pick a couple books from each topic to get through? We would work on math four times per week for about nine/ten weeks for 30 minute sessions. Any advice on how many books I should get? Other ideas are welcome, too.

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You could probably skip the first book in the series. My dd who had finished Singapore 4 only found a few pages in the 2nd fraction book that were unfamiliar to her. My dd who had just finished PM3 zipped through the first Key to Fractions book. I don't remember how long it actually took, since we were in the middle of a move.

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I think Dd10 spent about 10 hours on the Key to Fractions. I am planning on having her do the other three you mentioned this summer in addition to some other math we are finishing up/working on - CWP 5, HOE, Patty Paper Geometry. She will do about one hour of math per day through part of June. The rest of the summer she will spend about 2 hours per week on math.

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