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Any Occupational Therapists who want to answer some questions?

Hunter's Moon

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Once again, I am curious about Occupational Therapy and have a few questions. Every time I evaluate, OT pops up.


What has your career path been like? Your speciality?


Did/do you face burn out? If so, what was the biggest contributor?


Do you feel like personality is a huge aspect of the job, or can all personality types play a part in the world of OT?



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Just bumping this.

Our homeschooled family member is an O.T. The tough part is the Master's Degree requirement. Her program was 5 years. Graduated last year.

She works at a clinic just for kids with special needs. She enjoys it. She is less introverted than she was as a child/teen, has good/caring bedside manner.


Another quicker option is O.T.A. They are 2 year programs--ours is quite competitive. Lots of patient contact.

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